Suddenly it’s getting to be colder outside, and your skin isn’t happy! Avoid the dryness and complications by switching up your product routine. For this month’s tip of the week, I want to cover cold weather skin care. These tips will help your skin looks as luminous and healthy as if it were the middle of spring!


What to remember about cold weather and your skin:

  • These changes occur every year, so think a week or two before about what you might need.
  • Remember that winter weather, even in rainy Seattle, is generally drier because most of us are indoors more with central heating. This makes your skin drier. Drier skin is more easily irritated and looks dull. So how do you avoid that? Glad you asked!

Cold weather skin care products to protect skin: 

  • Change to a super gentle cleanser if you haven’t already. I like SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser (not for those with acne prone skin, though). If you have sensitive, dry skin, try this skin cleanser by SkinMedica that is gentled moisturizing. I have other hand-picked cleansers that I list on my shop. These are all researched by my team and I. We only carry products we’ve tested and found to be truly effective.
  • Still cleanse, apply your antioxidant and sunscreen, but add an extra layer of moisturizer under the sunscreen.
  • You can layer a hydrating non alcohol gel like the Skinceuticals Vitamin B5 hyaluronic under your moisturizer;
  • Change to a more hydrating moisturizer like the Pevonia Marine Collagen Cream;
  • Reduce exfoliation if that’s been frequent in your routine.
  • Put an extra layer of moisturizer on your face midday at work. It’s quite amazing how much this helps!

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6 Cold weather skin care must have products to avoid winter skin freakouts!

6 Cold weather skin care must have products to avoid winter skin freakouts!

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