Well………there are several, but fortunately most are easily caught and cured.   Here are the main ones:
  • Athlete’s foot –  can be between the toes OR look like just slightly scaly red skin on the entire bottom of the foot.  Cure –  Non prescription Lamisil/terbinafine is the best
  • Minor abrasions and skin irritation from rubbing:   Drugstore zinc paste works well.   Look for ones with a propylene glycol-free base (PG allergies are common)
  • Folliculitis –  This is irritation of the hair follicle openings, usually from sweating and clothes that rub.  Shaving may help or may aggravate it depending on the area.  Try to wear designated gym clothes that don’t rub and take off sweaty clothes right away. Shower as quickly as you can.
  • Infections – unfortunately bacteria like Staph can live on gym equipment for a short while if someone has an active infection and doesn’t know it.   If a rash is spreading after 24 hours, contact your doctor to be seen.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases –  it’s almost impossible to get these from gym equipment!


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