The super-fit newsreader and runner reveals the diet that keeps her fuelled for action

You recently captained a team for The Celebrity Boat Race in aid of Cancer Research UK. Did you follow a training diet? ‘The only time I really alter my diet is just before a marathon when I load my body with carbs for a couple of days before. As we were only rowing a mile for the Celebrity Boat Race, I just had my usual bowl of porridge in the morning and hoped for the best! We hadn’t done much training – just a couple of sessions. We picked up rowing, but going at race pace was not something we’d practised. On the day, we were going so much faster than we’d ever gone before. It was pretty brutal! I run so much, I didn’t find it physically difficult – but mentally it was really challenging.’

How do you start your day?
‘I run most days so I’m permanently hungry. Before I go on a big run, I have a bowl of porridge about two hours before. Afterwards, I crave cheese, apples, oranges, salty foods and tea with sugar. It’s funny what your body tells you it needs. I have a latte first thing, then drink gallons of tea for the rest of the day.

What do you eat for lunch?
‘For lunch, I often eat sushi from a local place near work because it’s filling but also salty – I seem to crave salt. Hummus is always in my fridge. I love it. I know I should drink more water, but the only time I really down water is immediately after a run.’

And dinner?
‘My favourite dinner is really simple – baked salmon and salad with lots of avocado in it. But I eat pretty much anything from pasta to stew, omelettes to steaks.’

Do you snack?
‘I don’t snack that much – unless my kids have crisps or sweets in which case I may steal a few. My favourite treats are chocolate and prawn cocktail crisps!’

Do you take supplements?
‘I’m a bit hit and miss with supplements. I tried to take Vitamin D recently and some extra iron but I always forget to take them. I prefer to rely on eating the right food and enough of it.’


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