Everything changes when you become a mum. Literally everything. Your diet, your routine, your priorities, what you do with your free time, your weight. Everything.

Or does it?

We spoke to real mums, all with hectic lifestyles, and asked them what they do to stay on top of their health, career and general wellbeing. They shared with us their secrets, the little life adaptations you can make to ensure that actually not everything needs to change once baby arrives.

Debbie works as a Managing Editor at NowBaby and is a busy mum, working remotely from home. The switch from the company office, to her office at home 15 years ago has given her much-needed flexibility to look after her children.

Debbie admits it’s tricky to remain disciplined when working in the comfortable surrounds of your own home. Here’s how she made it work:

1. You still need that colleague interaction: “I regularly have a “virtual “coffee” break” with my colleagues on Skype to replicate virtually the need to have a conversation with colleagues about work, life, family and health.

2. Being at home makes the temptation to frequently snack very real: “I prepare myself a healthy bowl of fruit in the morning. Then when I do want to grab something quickly it is ready to eat and helps maintain a healthy diet.”

3. A familiar routine is essential: “I decided that I would not change my routine from when I would normally leave the house for work. I get ready for work in the same way, walk the dog, eat a healthy breakfast, shower and dress for a work environment and be at my desk working by 8.30am.”

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